ApacheCon day #1: Arrival

Sorry, I can’t provide much details about the first day of ApacheCon, since my flight didn’t arrive until 21:00. I still ended up getting a free limo ride from the airport – after waiting forever for my checked bag – from Sally K who was on the same flight with me. It was actually funny how long the drive was – getting out of the airport exit ramps – when the hotel is literally across the street from the airport. Watching the planes landing is an odd echo of Las Vegas, where ApacheCon-US has been the past 3 years.

Although I should have just gone to bed (a fact becoming clearer every continuing day) I headed down to the online lounge to see what was up before even going to my room. Two hours later of chatting with various folks including Brian McCallister (congrats, dude!) and James (Duncan), I think I got to sleep by midnight.

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