Are vacations relaxing, or is relaxing a vacation?

What is it about going away from your home to someplace else that can be so relaxing?

Spending the weekend at the in-laws – which is fun, because my in-laws are great – and while I did a ton of stuff yesterday (and didn’t even take a nap on the couch like I almost always do) it still feels relaxing. Heck I even enjoyed myself cleaning up the dinner table and putting away the dishes and sweeping the floor.

(OK, correction: I did just take a nap, although it was on the bed upstairs with Roxanne while she napped instead of on the couch.)

We love coming to Mim & Dud’s ‘on vacation’ though. We only come down for one night or a weekend usually, but it’s still thoroughly relaxing. There’s something about being at a comfortable friend’s or family’s house that can be relaxing. Not always, of course: there’s the not too busy weekend where you have to do something all the time, or the not-quite-comfortable relatives that you have to visit but you don’t really want to visit. But when it’s someplace comfortable, it always seems like more fun, even when you are doing chores.

Of course a big bonus is the food. I’m one of those people who live to eat, and sometimes we seem to go directly from after-breakfast cleaning up leftovers snack directly into appetizers for lunch. Mim always has something nice planned for dinner. Last night we had dueling pork roasts since lots of other folks were coming over to see Roxanne.

Roxie loved seeing her cousins – she ran back and forth chasing them and pushing toys and stealing cookies (which she didn’t need) for a while. It was a lot of fun!

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